The Gospel Comes First

At Maranatha we hold the gospel as the central truth that binds us together. We find ourselves as a people who have nothing to offer God but our sins and yet made righteous before God through the atonement of Jesus, our savior. Our common need for the grace of God brings us together as a body as we journey through a life of faith as a church.


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Through Many Ministries

Maranatha is committed to using all of its means to bring the gospel to the lives of each person connected to our church.  We seek to meet each person where they are at and encourage them to grow in faith and increase in their understanding of how God continues to get glory for Himself at the cross.


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And You Are Invited

By far the best way to get to know us is to come visit our church on a Sunday morning for a worship service.  You will quickly discover the truths that bring us together as a body while also seeing just what is different about a group of people united under the banner of the gospel.  If there is any other information that you would like to better help you learn about us please feel free to click the link below.

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